The Sonoma Valley United competitive soccer program offers teams for every age group, from U8 through U19. Competitive soccer is for those who are interested in increasing their level of play through furthering the development of skills and knowledge at a higher level of play. 


These teams are led by highly qualified coaches that train players with a focus on skill development in the early years, and tactical abilities in the later years. While winning is our coaches’ game objective, ensuring player improvement is the primary focus.



Irving Ventura | Director of Coaching


Licenses: USSF C License, USSF D License, United Soccer Coaches Pre National, Football Periodization Course Raymond Verheijen

Years Coaching: 5 years

College Playing Experience: UC Irvine & University of San Francisco

Professional Experience: San Jose Earthquakes & FC Arizona

Alma Mater: University of San Francisco

One Thing About Coaching that is Important to Me: Create a fun learning environment for youth to develop


C86FA101-AAAB-4E0C-ACE7-42B0FEEB8EDD - Nick Bell

Nick Bell | U13 (2009) Girls Coach


Licenses: NorCal level 1

Years Coaching: Comp - 4 years, Rec - 2 years

Years Playing: 20+ years

Levels Played: Competitive

Alma Mater(s): CSU Monterey Bay

One Thing About Coaching that is Important to Me: Building the person above building the player. Making each kid a better person overall.

Headshot Soccer - Kristin Schantz

Kristen Schantz | U12 (2011) Girls Coach


Licenses: D (2000) Grassroots (2020)

Years Coaching: 9 years - 2001 High School Varsity (Head Coach), Ursuline High School, Santa Rosa, 2002-2004 U18 Arnhem, Netherlands (Assistant) and 2016 U6 Girls/2017 U8 Girls/2018 U8 Girls/2019 U8 Boys/2011 Girls Competitive (Sonoma)

Years Playing: 14 years -1992-1995 High School/1996-1999 Division 1 College Soccer/2000-2002 Women's Club Soccer/2002-2004 Womens Semi Pro (internationally)

Levels Played: High School 4 years/ Division 1 College 4 years/Womens Club Soccer, Sonoma County 2 years/Womens Semi Pro International, Netherlands

Alma Mater(s): Fresno State University

One Thing About Coaching that is Important to Me: I believe in coaching players to play with their hearts as well as their feet.


Taryn Lohr | U9 (2014/15) Girls Coach


Licenses: Grassroots (2022)

Years Coaching: 7 years (Rec)

Years Playing: 10 years (Youth Rec) and 1 year (San Diego Women's League)

Levels Played: Competitive and Rec

Alma Mater(s): San Diego State and The Art Institute of CA

One Thing About Coaching that is Important to Me: To ensure players have an understanding of skills, teamwork, and camaraderie all while having FUN!


image - TSAC 2310

Tim Brophy | U18 (2005) Boys Coach


Licenses: USSF E

Years Coaching: 8 years of recreational from U6-U10 Boys and girls, 6 years competitive boys U9-U15 (bronze to gold)

Years Playing: 2 years

Levels Played: Youth

Alma Mater(s): San Jose State University

One Thing About Coaching that is Important to Me: Growing up playing American football and basketball my coaching style is focused on teamwork. There is a famous soccer quote that I usually tell my teams at some point in the season that states, “if you play for the name on the front of the jersey, then everyone will remember the name on the back.” It is an amazing feeling when you see young players come to that realization on their own through play. It is a work ethic that they can take with them for the rest of their life.

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Seamus Canning | U16 (2006) Boys Coach


Licenses: Level 1

Years Coaching: 7 soccer, 12 Gaelic

Years Playing: 10 years Gaelic

Levels Played: Club

One Thing About Coaching that is Important to Me: Discipline


Aaron Tudisco | U13 (2010) Boys Coach


Licenses: N/A

Years Coaching: 3 Years Rec, 3 Years Comp

Years Playing: 10 Years grade school and High School; 4 years College

Levels Played: High School: Varsity

Alma Mater(s): University of San Diego

One Thing About Coaching that is Important to Me: Being competitive while having fun!



Joel Green | U12 (2011) Boys Coach


Licenses: Grassroots

Years Coaching: 6 (Rec: U6-3 years, U8-2 years and Comp: U9-1 year, U10-1 year)

Years Playing: 13+ years

Levels Played: Rec: 4 years, Comp: 6 years and Varsity High School: 2 years

Alma Mater(s): Montgomery High and UC Davis

One Thing About Coaching that is Important to Me: Making sure that the kids have fun while improving their skills and their teamwork.


Headshot - Scott Shapiro

Scott Shapiro | U11 (2012) Boys Coach


Licenses: Grassroots

Years Coaching: 5 years (Competitive, Rec & Futsal)

Years Playing: 15 years

Levels Played: High School & Club

Alma Mater(s): Cardinal Newman HS & Boston College

One Thing About Coaching that is Important to Me: My goal for the kids is to continue to learn both skills & teamwork while furthering their passion for the game.