Sonoma Valley United is incorporated as a California Non-Profit corporation (formally Sonoma Valley Youth Soccer Association).  We are a 501(c)(3) organization existing solely to provide "public benefit."


Please click here to download a copy of the Sonoma Valley United bylaws.  The amended and restated bylaws of this organization were passed unanimously at a special meeting of the members on December 19, 2018.



  • Set the example of the highest standards of ethical conduct, dignity and respect.  
  • Place children’s physical, mental and emotional development and well-being ahead of all else.
  • Nurture good sportsmanship and fair play within your team environment 
  • Set fair and reasonable expectations for each player.
  • Instruct players and parents in the Laws of the Game.
  • Do your best to teach the fundamentals of the game.
  • Refrain from degrading a player for making a mistake or losing a competition, be positive with actions and words. 
  • Be on time to every game and practice.
  • Help ensure that your players and parents treat the opposing team and referees with respect.
  • Comply with US Soccer and SVU rules and policies at all times.
  • Exercise a 24-hour cooling period before addressing a parent who has an issue.

Any behavior by a coach, player, parent, or family member that does not meet the standards of the Code of Conduct may be deemed “unsportsmanlike” and subject the individual to disciplinary action by the DOC and Sonoma Valley United Board of Directors. SVU Board members and DOC will treat coach, player, parent or family member misconduct and unsportsmanlike behavior very seriously. Our policy is intended to be “self-policing” in that we expect all Club members to be on their best behavior at ALL times.

To this end, SVU  Board members and DOC are given the responsibility of issuing YELLOW cards as a first warning for inappropriate behavior, and a second YELLOW card if the behavior persists or is particularly egregious. A second YELLOW card is a second warning which results in suspension from the field for a duration to be determined at the discretion of the SVU Board based on the particular behavior or pattern of behavior which will be followed by a PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) youth sports training. A RED card would be the final warning which would result in a meeting with SVU Board of Directors and DOC for an indefinite decision on their coaching position.